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In the first quarter of the XIV century, the local lands passed into the possession of Prince Gediminas. It was decided to build a strong line of defense on the border lands to fight the Teutonic order.

Construction of Lida castle begins in 1323. On the marshy river banks an artificial embankment was made, on which the walls of the castle began to rise. The construction of the fortress was completed in 1330.

Prince Gediminas was an excellent commander and a talented politician. There were attempts to reach a peace agreement with the Pope, but the Crusader attack wasn’t stopped.

The castle walls were repeatedly attacked. In 1702, one of its towers was destroyed, this had led to the destruction of the castle itself.

The glorious line of Gediminas descendants was often in conflict. With external courtesy cousins Vytautas the great (Duke of Lithuania) and Jagiello (king of Poland), inside the family conflict it was natural enemies. As a Prince, Yagailo executed Keistut, Vytautas ‘ father.

By the age of 70, Prince Jagiello had become a widower three times and had no heir to the throne. In 1420, the Prince married the younger sister of the wife of his cousin Vytautas. As a result of a successful marriage, the blood ties of the powerful states were strengthened, and Jagiello received the long-awaited heirs.

Nowadays, the castle hosts a theatrical performance of the princely wedding celebration-a local calling card. The reconstructed castle is immersed in an endless show of medieval music festival and jousting.

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