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The Museum building is the country’s largest repository of relics of the great Patriotic war. The Museum is represented by 10 exhibition halls, built according to the chronology of events. From the prewar years to the end of the war and the reconstruction of the whole country.

  • Hall No. 1 Peace and war
  • Hall No. 2 Peace on the eve and in the first years of world war II
  • Hall No. 3 Road of war
  • Hall No. 4 The Beginning of the great Patriotic war. Defensive battles on the lands of Belarus in the summer of 1941. battle of Smolensk. The battle of Moscow, 1941-1942,
  • Hall 5 a Radical change in the course of the war. Soviet rear
  • Hall No. 6 Nazi occupation regime on the territory of Belarus. 1941-1944
  • Hall No. 7 Belarusian partisan movement and anti-fascist underground struggle. Participation of Soviet citizens in the European Resistance movement. 1941-1945
  • Hall No. 8 Defeat of Nazi Germany and its allies, liberation of Belarus
  • Hall No. 9 Belarus after liberation. 1944-1950. Memory of the war
  • Hall No. 10 Heirs of the great Victory.

Museum is equipped with multilingual audio guides, television screens to show photos and newsreels, information kiosks. In the exposition of the Museum there are more than 10 thousand items.

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