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Sofia Cathedral was erected in the 11th century under the rule of Polotsk Prince All-Slava Bryazimavovich. In the sanctuary of khedilasbibliotek and archive, stored by the state.

Under the power of Vyacheslava Bryazetavovich, the Principality of Polotsk achieved the greatest power. To demonstrate Polotsk ‘s greatness, Vyacheslav built a cathedral corresponding to those in Kiev and Novgorod. Sofia Cathedral was built according to Byzantine traditions, becoming the first monumental building on Belarusian lands. The church not only contributed to the advancement of Orthodoxy, but also emphasized Polotsk’s important role as a strategic point on the way from Scandinavia to Byzantium.

The cathedral originally had a five-piece cross-dome shape with three altar ledges. In the central part the drum of a large dome rose. Burned bricks and stone were used in the erection of the walls.

The cathedral was destroyed and subjected to fires many times. In 1618 Archbishop Iosaphat Kuntsevich carried out a significant restructuring of Sofia Cathedral. The temple found the appearance of a Uniate temple.

During the northern war, the temple was again destroyed. In the mid-18th century he was restored by the architect J.K. Glaubitz and acquired the features of the late Baroque.

Festivals of organ and chamber music are held annually in the walls of the temple.

Sofia Cathedral is the historical and cultural heritage of the republic, proposed for inclusion in the world heritage list.

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