Corporate tour to Belarus
Minsk – Mir – Nesvizh – Dudutki – Khatyn – Brest – Bialowieza Forest – Father Christmas’ Residence

5 days

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Tour programme

Day 1: Mir – Nesvizh

Arrival to Minsk, transfer to the hotel, receiving of an information sheet, map of Minsk. Buffet breakfast. Excursion to ANCIENT TOWNS OF MIR AND NESVIZH (11 hours). You will see the most valuable monuments of Belarus listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Mir Castle and Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family in Nesvizh. The majestic MIR CASTLE, which was built in the XVI century. its bright architectural look, mighty walls and towers, colorful courtyard leave a lasting impression which will be complemented by the MUSEUM EXPOSITION in the northern part of the castle. You will feel the atmosphere of life in the castle passing through the basements where provision was kept and the Ball-room swimming in luxury of Rococo style… The historic part of the town of MIR – the place where Belarusians, Poles, Jews, Gipsies and Tartars had been living together for a long time – kept the atmosphere of the former small town… The ensemble of the market place is formed by the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, synagogues, Yeshiva, the houses of craftsmen and merchants. LUNCH at the restaurant. Drive to NESVIZH – the former capital of the Radziwill’s Ordination. At the Market place of this picturesque town you will see the Town Hall, shopping arcades, artisan houses; the Slutsk Gate (XVII cent.) is located nearby. Taking a view of the Park and Palace Complex of the XVI-XVIII centuries designed by the Italian architect Giovanni Maria Bernardoni. The magnificent castle surrounded by high earthworks and wide ponds represents the system of buildings forming the tasteful court of honor. The elements of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism are interlaced herein. You will see the impressive expositions, great halls of the palace, livimg and housekeeping areas, picturesque PARKS adjacent to the palace. The FARNY CHURCH of the XVI century (architect G.M.Bernardoni) – the first Baroque building in the Eastern Europe. The guide will tell you about the history of the most powerful family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – the Radziwill Family which influenced the cultural heritage of Belarus and Europe… Return to Minsk near 19.00, overnight stay in Minsk.

Day 2: Dudutki

Buffet breakfast. Excursion to the MUSEUM OF FOLK CRAFTS DUDUTKI (5.5 hours). It’s a really wonderful trip: serious excursion with playful adventures – degustation of samogon, horse-riding, farm bread and fat at the mill. The open-air museum “Dudutki” created in 1995 with its artifacts of folk crafts and workshops of the XIX century is one of the most visited museums in Belarus. You will see the only working mill in Belarus, visit pottery, forge of the XIX century, workshop of woodwork, bakery and the exhibition of veteran cars… Moreover, there is the stable with Orlovsky Trotters, ostriches, wild boars and other animals and birds. You will enjoy riding in the hackney-cabs, visit the meadow of picnics, feel the atmosphere of shlyahta estate.

During the excursion there will be 3 tastings in Dudutki:

  • near the hooch still (samogon, bread, pickle, honey)
  • in the bakery (fresh bread, cheese, butter, herbal tea)
  • at the mill (farm bread and fat)

Here you may buy wonderful souvenirs and take photos. Belarusian-style LUNCH. Return to Minsk near 15.00, overnight stay Minsk.

Day 3: Minsk – Khatyn

Buffet breakfast. MINSK SIGHTSEEING TOUR (3 hours). During the excursion you will learn about the past and the present of the city. The Principality of Polotsk, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire, The Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Republic of Belarus – that is the way that Minsk has passed during its life. You will see the most valuable architectural monuments of the city: Cathedral Orthodox and Catholic Churches of the ХVII-XVIII centuries (Organ Concert); St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church of the beginning of ХVII century and the “Red” Church; the oldest street Nemiga which started its way from the Minsk castle, and the picturesque Upper Town. The historic centre of Minsk – the Upper Town – attracts the visitors with its unique atmosphere of the past which is felt in its old buildings and on its narrow streets where museums, cafes and restaurants, boutiques and sculptures are located. Magnificent architectural ensembles of the main squares and avenues of the city, monumental constructivist public buildings, parks and public gardens will burst upon your eyes. The tragedy of the citizens in the years of the World War II; modern Minsk of the ХХ-ХХI centuries – these points will also be in the picture of the excursion. Walking down the TRINITY SUBURB you will see different museums, cafes, taverns and gift shops. LUNCH at the restaurant in the centre of Minsk. 14.00 Excursion to the KHATYN Memorial complex (4,5 hours) is dedicated to the events of the World War II, three years of invasion of Belarus. The day of the vernal equinox, March 22, 1943, became the day of tragedy symbolizing the sufferings of the civilian population during the war. The village of Khatyn was burned together with its 149 inhabitants. Later the stately architectural complex was built there, representing the village planning, its streets, houses, wells. At the sites of the burned-down houses there are 26 stylized log-houses with the chimney-like obelisks and the bells, plaintively ringing on the top. There you will see the unique cemetery of villages, the Wall of Memory with the names of concentration camps and the number of victims. Strong emotional impact is achieved by harmonious unity with nature, impressive sounds and architecture. In the end of the excursion you will visit the MOUND OF GLORY – the monument to the liberators of Minsk – and will rise to its top. Free time in Minsk from 18.00, overnight stay in Minsk.

Day 4: Brest

Buffet breakfast. Check-out. Drive to Brest-Bialowieza Forest. LUNCH in Brest at 13.00. BREST SIGHTSEEING TOUR. Brest is the old city in Belarus at the border with Poland (first it was mentioned in 1019!), which has long and rich history: it was Brest to be given the Magdeburg Law the first of all the Belarusian towns, here in 1596 the Union of Brest was contracted, according to which the Roman-Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church were united; a lot of outstanding people lived here. In 1921 Brest was annexed to the Polish Republic, in 1939 it became part of the USSR. You will see the cultural heritage of this city, its old and modern monuments and temples, walk down its main street. You will visit THE BREST FORTRESS (built in 1842) which became history twice: in 1918, in the White Palace of the Brest fortress the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed, ending the war between Soviet Russia and Germany, here the brave soldiers hold the fort during the first days of the Great Patriotic War. The memorial “Brest Hero-Fortress” includes forts, bastions, barracks and sculptural compositions. You will visit the MUSEUM OF THE FORTRESS located in the Citadel – the old barrack in the centre of the fortress. A visit to the archeological museum “Berestje” will help you to learn the history of Brest, its everyday life, crafts and trade. In the evening you will get the chance to see how a lamplighter dressed in the form of Peter the Great’s time lights retro-lamps, you can make a picture with him – for luck. Overnight stay in Brest.

Day 5: Bialowieza Forest – Father Christmas’ Residence

Buffet breakfast. Check-out. Excursion to BIALOWIEZA FOREST listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Now it is a National reservation, where rich plant life and amazing landscape are combined. Here grows the highest fir-tree in Europe, here live powerful aurochs and a great number of animal species. A lot of famous people are associated with this place – brothers Tyszkiewicz and Tyzenhaus, Napoleon and Nicholas II… You will visit the MUSEUM OF NATURE with its amazing exhibitions, FATHER CHRISTMAS’ RESIDENCE with numerous buildings and surprises… The Residence is located deep in Bialowieza Forest, where the feedboxex for aurochs are settled. Here you will find the mansions of Father Christmas and Snow Maiden. You will visit open-air cages with animals and after that you will have free time when you can make some pictures or buy some souvenirs made of wood, clay or straw. Drive to Brest. On the way to Brest we will make a break in Kamyanyets where the magnificent Tower of Kamyanyets is situated. It was built in 1276, its height is 30 meters. LUNCH. Free time from 15.00. Transfer to the railway station. Have a good trip!

There are no hidden extras – all of our tours are ALL INCLUSIVE!

You will get:

  • 3* or 4* accommodation
  • Breakfasts and lunches
  • Comfortable coach travel
  • Audio guides in your chosen language for the length of your tour
  • All entrance tickets
  • Concerts, entertainment, tastings
  • Souvenirs and relevant city maps

Distance: Minsk-Nesvizh 120 km, Minsk-Dudutki 60 km, Minsk-Khatyn 60 km, Minsk-Brest 350 km, Brest-Belovezhskaya Puschcha 60 km


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