Corporate tour to Belarus
Minsk – Dudutki – Grodno – Lida – Korobchitsy

4 days

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Grodno – the only city in Belarus has the status of a town – monument of architecture and urban planning. He is spaciously located on the Castle hill, where Neman makes a sharp turn to the Lithuanian border… In our tour included a rich excursion program, theatrical thumbnail in the historic castle, horse stagecoach. You will be able to rest there, and much to see and learn, and something nice to buy a keepsake of this trip to White Russia…

Tour programme

Day 1: Dudutki

Arrival to Minsk, transfer to the hotel, receiving of an information sheet, map of Minsk. Buffet breakfast. Excursion to the MUSEUM OF FOLK CRAFTS DUDUTKI (5.5 hours). It’s a really wonderful trip: serious excursion with playful adventures – degustation of samogon, horse-riding, farm bread and fat at the mill. The open-air museum “Dudutki” created in 1995 with its artifacts of folk crafts and workshops of the XIX century is one of the most visited museums in Belarus. You will see the only working mill in Belarus, visit pottery, forge of the XIX century, workshop of woodwork, bakery and the exhibition of veteran cars… Moreover, there is the stable with Orlovsky Trotters, ostriches, wild boars and other animals and birds. You will enjoy riding in the hackney-cabs, visit the meadow of picnics, feel the atmosphere of shlyahta estate.

During the excursion there will be 3 tastings in Dudutki:

  • near the hooch still (samogon, bread, pickle, honey)
  • in the bakery (fresh bread, cheese, butter, herbal tea)
  • at the mill (farm bread and fat)

Here you may buy wonderful souvenirs and take photos. Belarusian-style LUNCH. Return to Minsk near 15.00, overnight stay Minsk.

Day 2: Minsk

Buffet breakfast. MINSK SIGHTSEEING TOUR (3 hours). During the excursion you will learn about the past and the present of the city. The Principality of Polotsk, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire, The Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Republic of Belarus – that is the way that Minsk has passed during its life. You will see the most valuable architectural monuments of the city: Cathedral Orthodox and Catholic Churches of the ХVII-XVIII centuries (Organ Concert); St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church of the beginning of ХVII century and the “Red” Church; the oldest street Nemiga which started its way from the Minsk castle, and the picturesque Upper Town. The historic centre of Minsk – the Upper Town – attracts the visitors with its unique atmosphere of the past which is felt in its old buildings and on its narrow streets where museums, cafes and restaurants, boutiques and sculptures are located. Magnificent architectural ensembles of the main squares and avenues of the city, monumental constructivist public buildings, parks and public gardens will burst upon your eyes. The tragedy of the citizens in the years of the World War II; modern Minsk of the ХХ-ХХI centuries – these points will also be in the picture of the excursion. Walking down the TRINITY SUBURB you will see different museums, cafes, taverns and gift shops. LUNCH at the restaurant in the centre of Minsk. Free time from 14.00, overnight stay in Minsk.

Day 3: Grodno – Lida

Buffet breakfast. Check-out. Drive to Grodno. You will definitely remember beautiful landscapes and fascinating history of the settlements on the way to Grodno. Arrival to Lida. LIDA is known for its brick fortress, built nearly seven hundred years ago (1323) by Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania whose grandson Jogaila celebrated here his wedding with Sophia of Halshany hundred years afterwards. Excursion and performance in the castle will allow you to immerse yourself in the fascinating events of the past and archery and sword-fight will bring you a lot of unforgettable impressions. Arrival to Grodno. LUNCH. Hotel check-in. Excursion to the CASTLE HILL in Grodno which is located on the bank of Neman. One of the oldest churches of Belarus – the Kolozhskaya church (XII century) – is situated near the Hill. The Royal Gothic castle was built in Grodno during the rule of Vytautas. At the end of XVII century the king Stephen B?thory rebuilt it into the Reneissance Castle, which had played a significant role in the history of the state. Close to it the New Castle (XVIII) is located, where dramatic events of the second partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth took place – the so-called “Silent sejm”. Visit of the museum in New Castle. Free time from 18.00, overnight stay in Grodno.

Day 4: Grodno – Korobchitsy

Breakfast. GRODNO SIGHTSEEING TOUR. Grondo is the only city in Belarus having the status of the monument of architecture and city planning. The leading role in its historical-cultural heritage is played by the remarkable architectural ensembles of different epochs and styles. The buildings of the Grodno architectural school of the XII century are found side by side with the buildings of modernism and constructivism of the XX century and what is more – Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism… The most monumental and elegant Church of Grodno – the Farny Church (former Jesuistic) – impresses by the greatness of the frontage and sculptural luxuriance of the interior. At the streets parting from the former Market place there are the extant buildings of numerous monasteries – Catholic (Bernardine, Brigid, Franciscan) and Orthodox, as well as mansions of noblemen. Drive to KOROBCHITSY tourist complex, 12 km away from Grodno. It is 16-hectare territory styled as Belarusian estate of the XIX century with its beautiful landscapes, great and little ponds, pictorial buildings. Here you can feel the atmosphere of those times, innocence of nature. During the sightseeing tour you will see the forge, the house of a woodcarver, Gipsy van, beautiful summerhouses and open-air cages (horses, ponies, ostriches, deer, nutrias, peacocks, pheasants, wild boars…). You will have the chance to make excellent pictures and have a good rest drinking a cup of tea or coffee at the restaurant “The Castle of Zevana” with its fountains, glass painting, chimney… Return to Grodno at 14.00. LUNCH. Free time. Transfer to the railway station. Have a good trip!

There are no hidden extras – all of our tours are ALL INCLUSIVE!

You will get:

  • 3* or 4* accommodation
  • Breakfasts and lunches
  • Comfortable coach travel
  • Audio guides in your chosen language for the length of your tour
  • All entrance tickets
  • Concerts, entertainment, tastings
  • Souvenirs and relevant city maps

Distance: Minsk-Dudutki 60 km, Minsk-Lida 180 km, Lida-Grodno 110 km, Grogno-Korobchitsy 15 km


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