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Park “Alive History”

The pride of Sula’s interactive park is a sacrificial stone, next to which they have been lighting a sacred fire for more than 1000 years. On the site, you can plunge into the world of witches and high priests of the Baltic tribes who lived on these lands at the beginning of the first millennium. Viking pier with a real predatory fight is also popular among guests. On similar ships, the northern robbers raided deep into the territory of modern Belarus in the 8th-10th centuries. Fans of military history have chosen for themselves the Sula Vezha copy of defensive structures of the XV century. Sula has its own collegium, the exposition of which tells about the history of education and enlightenment in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the hall of the gentry of glory, all the main coats of arms of famous clans residing in the territory of the Grand Duchy are represented Here there is a typical place and a noble estate of the XIX century and much more and all this is surrounded by a magnificent landscape park with a river and lakes.

Everything for entertainment and recreation

In “Sula” one of the most developed tourist infrastructures in the country. There are several small hotels and guest styled cottages, as well as three restaurants and a couple of souvenir shops. In addition to excursions, on the basis of the noble estates in Sula there are knight festivals, training seminars, wedding and solemn ceremonies. Visiting the interactive park of Sula will be interesting for both adults and children.

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